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Tabitha E. Walker Insurance Agency Blog: life

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You hear about life insurance all the time. There are radio, TV and online ads constantly telling you how much you need it. But these ads don’t tell you about coverage options, like the differences between term and permanent life insurance. READ MORE >>

Have you ever wondered how your business would be impacted if something were to happen to one of your key employees?Do you have an employee who has a special skill set or trade? How much would it cost your business to hire or train another employee to do the same job? READ MORE >>

When you’re no longer able to provide for your family, they will still have to find a way to cover their finances. These can include bills, final expenses, college funds and more. Life insurance is a reliable way to help offset these costs and make living more comfortable when a family member, particularly one with the primary income, passes away. READ MORE >>

When filing a tax return, taxpayers must choose either to itemize or apply the standard deduction. The standard deduction is a predefined deduction amount which is based on a taxpayer’s filing status. Itemizing your deductions, on the other hand, allows you to choose your deductions based on expenses you incurred during the tax year. READ MORE >>

As the “month of love” begins, many people are busy trying to figure out how to let their loved ones know just how much they care. Flowers, chocolates, jewelry and candlelit dinners are all fine options. But this year, we would like you to consider something slightly less traditional. READ MORE >>

Maybe you’ve been too busy to notice, but the year’s almost over. So in between shopping trips, holiday preparations, and the rest of the daily grind, it’s time to take a breather and focus on some small things now that might make a big difference after year-end. READ MORE >>

Life insurance is a financial product with many uses. Life insurance functions as a contract between a policyholder, who owns the policy, an insured individual, and a life insurance company. The policyholder pays for the cost of the policy. The insurance company pays a death benefit to a third party, called a beneficiary, when the insured individual dies. READ MORE >>

When you have a life insurance death benefit, and no one knows about it, your policy might not end up doing all the good it was intended for until your family has time to go through all your paperwork and discover that it exists. Talking to your beneficiaries about your policy is a great way to make sure that your heirs receive the legacy you intended to give them. READ MORE >>

Whether you're a parent or educator, use these resources and tips to prepare for the new school year.Check-Ups and Immunizations It's a good idea to take your child in for a physical and eye exam before school starts. If your child will be participating in a sports activity, your family doctor may have to sign a release form to permit your child to participate. READ MORE >>

By: Linda Ray BasicsBurial insurance often is just a contract that is set up with a funeral home or mortuary to take care of the final details for burial following death. The funeral home is paid upfront and the deceased is considered to have a prepaid burial. READ MORE >>

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