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By Bobbie SageToday, lawsuits are everywhere. Lawyers are awarding larger amounts of money than ever. Homeowners, auto, and watercraft policies have a limit on liability insurance. If an unfortunate accident should happen that is your fault, do you have enough liability insurance from your current policies to cover your costs for negligence? READ MORE >>

By: Deborah BarloweTravel protection insurance provides travelers with coverage against risks related to traveling. Most travel insurance policies include coverage of three types: trip cancellation and interruption; health and medical evacuation; and baggage protection. READ MORE >>

By Diana Rattray, About.comPicnics, barbecues, and potlucks are wonderful ways to celebrate Spring and Summer holidays, but whatever your plans, take care to prepare and transport food safely. Whether your picnic is an elaborate affair for a few dozen friends and relatives or a simple cook-out fo... READ MORE >>

By: Ron LeshnowerMany homeowners learn the hard way (or the wet way) that their homeowners' insurance doesn't cover property damage caused by hurricanes and floods. If you live in a potentially affected area -- which could include everything from a home on the coast near a fragile levee that sees... READ MORE >>

By: J. JohnsonA tropical storm is basically a weather condition that is one step below a hurricane. With a tropical storm, you can expect strong winds and heavy rains. These conditions can sometimes lead to various types of damage to your home, including structural damage and flooding. READ MORE >>

By: Linda Ray BasicsBurial insurance often is just a contract that is set up with a funeral home or mortuary to take care of the final details for burial following death. The funeral home is paid upfront and the deceased is considered to have a prepaid burial. READ MORE >>

By Miriam CaldwellWhen you find a new job and sit down to look at the benefits you may be surprised at the options that are available to you. It may seem overwhelming to consider all of the insurance that you can purchase. Do you really need all of the insurance or can you pass on some of the policies? READ MORE >>

By James Rada, Jr., eHow ContributorMost people aren't too concerned about how fancy the casket they are buried in is going to be when they die. They do worry about the cost of their funeral and the financial impact that it will have on their loved ones at a time when they are grieving over their loss. READ MORE >>

By: Bobbie SageUnfortunately, many people who have antique jewelry and fine jewelry do not insure it properly, and a big segment of uninsured jewelry is jewelry gifts. It can often be an overlooked insurance until the jewelry is lost or stolen. READ MORE >>

By: Bobbie SageOf course, thinking about how marriage will affect insurance is not at the top of a couple’s list when the wedding vows are taking place, but with every life stage and change, insurance needs to be a priority. The basics such as name and address changes are not the only insurance evaluations that need to be considered before and after the marriage. READ MORE >>

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