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 The best rule of thumb to use in choosing a contractor is to find one before an emergency repair is needed. Often, you are forced into hiring someone for a home repair when you are least prepared to make a good decision. The worst possible time to select a contractor is when you have the stress of a household crisis. READ MORE >>

Severe weather can have a number of different affects on your home.  If you have experienced a wind storm the faster the wind is blowing, the more damage is likely to occur. How does a wind storm damage my roof?Any storm can damage your roof. Wind alone can be extremely damaging to your roof and the exterior of your home. READ MORE >>

When filing an Auto or Home insurance claim after a severe storm such as a Hurricane please keep the following things in mind.   1. Do no harm.  Hurricane aftermath related deaths can involve falling off a ladder or being electrocuted by wading through knee-high water in your basement. READ MORE >>

Some home insurance companies charge dog owners higher rates because of the breed of the family pet. Whether these dogs are more dangerous or if they suffer from a bad reputation is debatable. According to the Insurance Information Institute, insurance agents rely on public health studies and homeowner insurance claim histories to determine that some breeds are a greater risk. READ MORE >>

Most people are accustomed to spring cleaning but if you are a home owner, you know that your house needs attention year-round. While there are many projects that you can take on in any season, there are some that are best performed in the fall.    --Check all of your windows and external doors. READ MORE >>

In addition to state license requirements, any person or company actively involved in general contracting must maintain several types of insurance to protect their clients in case of accident or failure to perform a contract. Some types of insurance are required by the state, while others are required by local jurisdictions. READ MORE >>

Running a successful business is dependent on many factors. The employees for the business must be dedicated and hardworking, while the owner of the business must take the time to make sure that the business is running properly. Most importantly of all, a successful business must be properly insured. READ MORE >>

A cancer insurance policy is a supplemental health policy. It does not take the place of a major medical health plan. Many people buy cancer policies to cover expenses a regular policy might not cover, whether through pre-existing condition exclusions or just a maximum benefit. READ MORE >>

Studies show that a vehicle is stolen every 20 seconds. Car theft can happen to anyone. Car thieves are out for both old and new cars and the parts. Although there is no 100 percent auto theft proof device, there are precautions that you can take to reduce the chances of your car being stolen. READ MORE >>

Many mysteries and secret terms such as "power train" and "APR" are involved in purchasing a car, one of the least understood terms is "gap insurance." Knowing what gap insurance is, and is not, is important in understanding how much your car will cost and what you must do if your new car becomes a total loss. READ MORE >>

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