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Insurance premiums paid on most covers  usually increase as you grow older this is especially true for covers such as health insurance. However, when it comes to auto insurance things seem to go the other way. The insurance premium paid on most auto insurance covers gradually drop as you grow older. READ MORE >>

Driving drowsy is as dangerous as driving drunk. Numbers are hard to pin down, but experts at the U.S. Department of Transportation put conservative estimates at 40,000 injuries and 150 fatalities per year as a result of drivers' sleepiness. READ MORE >>

Maybe you’ve been too busy to notice, but the year’s almost over. So in between shopping trips, holiday preparations, and the rest of the daily grind, it’s time to take a breather and focus on some small things now that might make a big difference after year-end. READ MORE >>

A week's vacation can easily cost thousands of dollars, so many vacationers choose to protect their investment with travel insurance. Travel insurance can sometimes be a good deal, but as with all things financial it pays to proceed with caution. READ MORE >>

It’s that time of the year again, the holiday and winter season. Although it is a time for family and friends to rejoice in treasured holiday customs and traditions, it’s also a time when many hazards or serious injuries occur. We are urging folks to be careful and to follow a few safety tips to stay safe this holiday season. READ MORE >>

The first thing to do after purchasing a home is to find a good home Insurance cover policy.  When applying for a mortgage, a policy is often suggested by the mortgage lender; however, this insurance may not be comprehensive or suitable for your needs. READ MORE >>

Deep fat fryers are used both commercially and in the home for frying a wide variety of food items. In the U.S., fryers are an increasingly popular method of cooking the Thanksgiving turkey. Although deep fryers are safer than the old-fashioned saucepan method, there are still risks associated with their use. READ MORE >>

In the homeowners insurance industry, debris removal coverage depends on not only the type of debris but the placement of the damage, such as a fallen tree on your neighbor's home. Typically, your debris removal claim can be only 25 percent of the overall debris loss. READ MORE >>

There are many types of insurance plans out there and it may get a bit confusing at times to know which policy is just right for you. Additionally, the countless amount of advertising you’ll be presented with on any TV or billboard doesn’t help clarify matters. READ MORE >>

When renting a car, is purchasing additional insurance worth the extra money, or is it just a cash grab on the part of the rental companies?If you own a vehicle and it's insured, there's a good chance you don't need to spring for rental insurance. Similarly, many credit cards also cover rental cars. READ MORE >>

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