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"Trick or treat!" That's the phrase shouted with glee by many a youngster across the country every Halloween night. But before your ghosts and goblins trick or treat this year, parents should keep in mind these trick or treating safety tips to make sure the only howls are those of fun. READ MORE >>

Installing security alarms and other household safety measures can get you a discount on your home insurance, but there are qualifications to consider. Not all insurance companies offer discounts, and those that do my have requirements for the system or provider you use. READ MORE >>

Insuring your vehicle can be a trying adventure. There are many considerations and coverage selections that must be completed to initiate a policy. Insuring a salvage vehicle can add tension to your policy selection. Many insurance carriers refuse to insure salvage titled vehicles due to the unknowns that are presented. READ MORE >>

Life insurance is a financial product with many uses. Life insurance functions as a contract between a policyholder, who owns the policy, an insured individual, and a life insurance company. The policyholder pays for the cost of the policy. The insurance company pays a death benefit to a third party, called a beneficiary, when the insured individual dies. READ MORE >>

When you have a life insurance death benefit, and no one knows about it, your policy might not end up doing all the good it was intended for until your family has time to go through all your paperwork and discover that it exists. Talking to your beneficiaries about your policy is a great way to make sure that your heirs receive the legacy you intended to give them. READ MORE >>

Large events like wedding receptions and parties can be enjoyable, but they can also lead to injury. The consumption of alcohol by members of a large group may result in falls or even fights, and damage to the venue can occur in a number of ways. Special event liability insurance gives those who stage events peace of mind. READ MORE >>

When it comes to purchasing auto insurance, you can choose between several different types of coverage. While some opt to get the minimum liability coverage required, others add comprehensive coverage their policies or get a full coverage auto insurance policy. READ MORE >>

Research conducted by the Insurance Research Council places the number of drivers without insurance (uninsured motorists) as high as 25 percent in some states. That number typically includes drivers who are insured below the state's required minimum coverage (underinsured motorists). READ MORE >>

Each insurance company has its own unique algorithm that is used to calculate a consumer's insurance risk. This calculation has many variables that are taken into account when determining your car insurance premium rates. READ MORE >>

Maintenance homeowners insurance most commonly refers to plans available for purchase which would repair or replace major appliances in the event of a breakdown. This term does not refer to the standard homeowners insurance policy required to secure a mortgage. READ MORE >>

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